Dr. (Mrs.) Gladys Nwokoye

A Message from Dr. (Mrs.) Gladys Nwokoye
Gladys Nwokoye, PhD – Porovost, LAPO Institute for Microfinance and Management Studies (LIMMS)

Dear Members of the LAPO Institute Community,
As the new Provost of LAPO Institute for Microfinance and Management Studies (LIMMS), I am honoured and humbled to lead this great institution. I am also filled with excitement and anticipation for what this new era brings on an institution such as this, founded on a renewed obligation to the highest levels of standard, professionalism and affordability while providing a top-notch education.

My experience with the institute prior to this moment, was that of an entity with so much passion for excellence and hard work, and since assumption of office, I have witnessed the exemplary attitudes and dedication to work which made it possible to be where we are today at LIMMS.

I also appreciate that there are some of you whom I had worked with in various capacities in the past and those I am meeting for the first time, and I am enthusiastic to devote time learning more about you, your role and your interests. My pledge to you today is to join hands with you in consolidating on our achievements as well as reaffirming our intense focus on student success, research and academic excellence.

LAPO Institute for Microfinance and Management Studies is unique with unparalleled potential for desired impact in Nigeria and beyond. We are the only institution in the entire West African sub-region with full-fledged school and department exclusively dedicated to microfinance and enterprise development and other allied management disciplines. Therefore, we must exhibit sheer resolve to make a difference in our global environment.

When I consider the vision and mission statement in line with our achievements so far, I can’t but agree that we are on the right trajectory and with renewed vigour, well-structured programmes, talented faculty, dedicated staff and hardworking students, we will surpass all expectations.

Thanks to all of you, we are an institution that is on the rise, it would have been impossible to reach these milestones without the contributions of all of you.
It will take our unrelenting efforts, working together, to uplift this fine institution to its rightful place as an institution where success reigns supreme.

 Remain connected.