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LAPO Institute for Microfinance and Management Studies In collaboration with National Association of Microfinance Banks (NAMB)


Topic: Capitalization of MFBs: Issues, Policy Implications and Financing Options
Microfinance is a significant sub-sector of the financial services industry in Nigeria, but only a few Microfinance Banks have become major players.

The regulatory-induced recapitalisation has put pressure on the majority of the Microfinance banks, with the resultant effects leading to mergers and outright sale of operational licenses/closure. The point of departure when considering the relationship between capitalisation and funding strategies as the way forward is an understanding of the sources of funds for effective microfinance service delivery.

This webinar, therefore, will address issues that bother on capitalisation of microfinance banks, policy implications as well as the funding options for Microfinance Banks from theoretical and practical perspectives.

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